Metabolism Papers

Retinal Biochemistry and basic metabolism

  1. Reviews on retinal metabolism:Retina Metabolism Review 2017, Metabolic and redox signaling in the retina, 20117
  2. Glycolysis regulates outer segment synthesis Cepko Lab 2017
  3. Pyruvate stimulates the pigmentation and maturation in RPE cell line-IVOS 2011.
  4. Mitochondrial pyruvate carrier: 1) Identification-Science 2012-Rutter; Science 2012-Martinou;    2) Review: Mitochondrial Pyruvate metabolism review papers. Biochem J 2015; Cell Mol Life Sci 2014; Curr Opin Cell Biol 2015Trends Biochem Sci 2016; 3) Recent research:MPC inhibition in neuron; MPC in myocardio IR 2016
  5. Review papers on RPE special issue in Experimental Eye Research. RPE protein polarity and transport 2014.
  6. Transport of liquid and metabolites is an essential function of RPE cells. What transporters are expressed on RPE apical or basal side?  How are metabolites transported?  A proteomic MRM targeting 41 transporters on hfRPE and ARPE-19 cells, 2017; CITRATE transport in brain 2016;SLC13 Inhibitor; SLC transporters as drug target_nature Review; Sodium-Coupled transporter_Anual Review, SLC_ABCs_2013
  7. How to do metabolic flux analysis.  Nature Protocol 2008.
  8. Nictinomide rescues the inflammation, drusen protein and complement pathway activation in AMD-patient derived iPSC-Cell Stem Cell 2017
  9. Review papers on Proline metabolism. Inborn errors of proline metabolism 2008; proline supplementation_safe at 488 mg/kg/d 2008;
  10. Research papers on Proline metabolism.Plasma Proline kinetics 1990;
  11. Mitochondrial metabolism in retinal diseases? The location of mitochondria 2008; Mitochondrial energy metabolism and light damage 2015
  12. Glucose metabolism enzymes expression in the retina Mol Vision 2016;
  13. NAD metabolism NAD Metabolism and control of energy Review_Auwerx J 2015;NR supplement_Brenner 2016;
  14. Modeling:INCA
  15. Metabolism gene expression Retina-Drop Seq_Cell 2015
  16. Lipid: Fatty acid Analysis 2011 BBA; Cholesterol in the retina 2010


B. Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE)

1. RPE cell culture. Vargi E Review on RPE culture 2016;Cell culture model 2015; Pig RPE model for Drusen

2. RPE and ECM. ECM and AMD 2014; EEEMP1 PNAS 2002; ECM and Drusen; EFEMP1 mutant mice; RPE hybrid cells;EFEMP1 KO mice without AMD; ECM genes in AMD patient2016;

3. RPE in health and disease Sparrow RPE heath and disease 2010OMA on RPE 2016

4. RPE and Age-related macular degeneration. Aging in different diseases 2016; Patel 2007 Genetics AMD; AMD Mouse model 2010


C. Imaging metabolism with labeled metabolites or sensors

1. Using azide-proline to image collagen in live cells. RCS 2015.

D. Diabetic Retinopathy

1. Changes in glycolysis and TCA cycle intermediates in retina, kidney and nerves-JCI 2016



E. Retinal Degeneration

1. Changes of metabolites in DHA,  All-trans retinal and others in photoreceptor degeneration with or without RPE cells- Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci. 2016.

2. Genetic diseases with macular and choroid degeneration Pediatric genetic macular and choroid disease JPG 2014